Flange leaks due to improper installation that are based on product selection and/or fastening techniques can be expensive and unsafe. 75% of gasket failures are due to improper installation. With thousands of standard flanges in your plant, any time reduced to bolt up a flange is an efficiency gain back to you, which means a costs savings to your bottom line.

It takes time and organization to gather fasteners, washers, nuts, gaskets and lubrication to start any flange connection job. Often times, it can be expensive as you spend time searching through bins, gathering parts, the correct quantities, making sure you have the right product specifications and associated items like torque requirements and lubrication to do the job correctly and efficiently. What’s your cost to bolt a standard flange from start to finish?

There are ways to help you organize your inventory and have everything you need all in one place. Gasket suppliers offer programs like:

    • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) that help you to stay organized and label all of the parts that you have on-hand. This reduces the necessary on-hand inventory and streamlines the procurement process by reducing both purchasing costs and inventory dollars. Utilizing a VMI program can not only benefit a customer by saving time and money not looking for parts and traveling to buy items but it can also eliminate downtime waiting on orders.


    • Standard flange kitting – provide easy to shelve/inventory on shelves that are often shipped to you as stackable pizza boxes. Some suppliers even ship these same day and provide all bolting, nuts, gaskets and torque specs together in one box for easy installation. A kitting program allows gasket suppliers to ensure that the right gasket is in use, eliminate torque misapplication and create time efficiencies which all provides you with peace of mind.


In summary, if you’re running around searching for parts, experiencing flange leaks due to improper installation, it’s probably time to ask your gasket supplier if they have any programs in place (like VMI or kitting) that can help.

To learn more about the Lewis-Goetz full service of gasket and sealing products including vendor managed inventory programs and standard flange kitting by downloading our gasket and sealing capabilities brochure.