ERIKS Has the Know-How

The ERIKS team is made up of specialists from a wide range of industries with the product and application know-how on which you can rely.

We customize to the needs of our customers and vendors through strong, long-term relationships and close collaboration. These long-term relationships help us to establish formalized processes for each customer that lead to documented cost savings. Our value is also evident in the safety programs we offer to our customers. We don’t just respond to emergencies, we create systems to anticipate and eliminate them.

At ERIKS, know-how makes the difference through our:

  • Veteran sales team possessing superior product knowledge for each of our clients.
  • North American footprint that allows for immediate, 24/7 on-site diagnostic and preventive service.
  • Proprietary inventory control system which enables our team to provide individuals customers with consistent and personalized service.
  • Customized/fabricated products for specific industry and customer needs with flexibility unmatched in the industry.
  • Detailed documentation of fabricated products specific to every end-user that allows for quick action, reducing down time.
  • A formalized process to document savings in the total cost of ownership for the products we provide.