We are a proud member of the ERIKS North America family.

The ERIKS North America family of companies is an industrial process solution provider because we offer a unique set of capabilities across all of our 140+ locations in the U.S. and Canada, including:

  • An independent, unbiased view of world-class brands to assure customers get the best materials, products and solutions specifically suited for each unique application.
  • Specialists in all of our core activities.
  • Local inventories to provide quick, reliable product supply to meet the ever-increasing need for speed to market.
  • A global footprint that allows for technical and logistical support to coordinate all facilities’ supply chain requirements worldwide.
  • In-house testing and development to provide proven examples of solutions.
  • Pure customer satisfaction that comes from a steadfast dedication to be our customers’ “easiest supplier to work with”.
  • All of the engineering resources of a major manufacturer, plus the flexibility of a global solutions company.

ERIKS North America is made up of four companies – including Lewis-Goetz (in the U.S.) and ERIKS in Canada – that offer complementary products and services across multiple industries.







ERIKS North America is part of ERIKS worldwide, an international industrial service provider with more than 65 companies operating service centers in 26 countries.