accent-powerCombining our breadth of products and services enables ERIKS to deliver complete system solutions 24/7 including emergency response and quick on-site delivery from one of our nearly 100 locations in North America that have available local inventory. We use our industry specific knowledge and experience to offer more than just products and provide assembly, installation, maintenance and repair services to ensure reliable, quality, safe products that have a longer product lifespan and reduce our customer’s total cost of ownership.

Conveyor Belt Products and Services

ERIKS has invested significantly in belt specifically designed for the power generation industry. We:

  • Stock a low extraction cover compound specifically engineered to eliminate the cupping issues common to power generation conveyor belts
  • We stock and are able to service your structure, idlers, belt cleaners, pulleys and other conveyor components
  • Stock 2 ply and 3 ply grades 1 and 2 in all widths
  • Feeder belts with sidewalls
  • We heavily invest in the education / training of our sales associates as well as our certified splice crews; thus, enabling us to respond to customer specific conveyor system requirements on a 24/7 basis. Some of these services include:
    • Field surveys
    • Magnetic separator belts available
    • Installing and vulcanizing your new belt
    • Performing belt repairs
    • Inspections
    • Engineered surveys
    • Performing on-site pulley lagging and chute lining as well as assisting our customers with a preventative maintenance program

Hose Products

We offer a complete line of products including:

  • Steam hose
  • Material handling hose
  • Suction and discharge hose
  • General service air and water hose
  • All types of fire hose
  • Metal hose and fabrication

Sealing and Gaskets

  • We supply packing for maximum sealing capability
  • Specifically designed expansion joints for all areas of the plant
  • Leak free high temperature and high pressure graphitic packing for the most demanding valve applications
  • Swell sheet gasketing dramatically reducing leakage for gear boxes and equipment cover gasket applications
  • Non asbestos gaskets
  • Sheet rubber
  • PTFE and reconstructed PTFE
  • Expansion joints – flu ducts and installations, rubber spool and metal

Valve Products

We offer various valve styles of:

  • Gate valves and
  • Butterfly valves


We also provide personal protective equipment such as:

  • Head protection
  • Foot protection
  • Hand and body protection
  • Foot protection
  • Confined space protection
  • Lockout/tag-out
  • Gas detection
  • Facilities identification
  • Heat stress equipment
  • Emergency equipment such as shower and eyewash
  • Refrasil cloth
  • Fall protection
  • Gangways
  • Loading arms