ERIKS has the products, the know-how, the services and the application experience to deliver the lowest cost per ton conveyed.

Field crew members undergo rigorous in-house and factory splice training resulting in an ideal splice for all belt constructions. We work safely – all crews are certified to MSHA parts 46 and 48B, OSHA 10 and 30 where appropriate.

ERIKS stocks an extensive line of heavyweight conveyor belt, a wide variety of lightweight conveyor belt as well as an assortment of specialty belting products to service all your conveyor belt requirements. Additionally, we offer an array of conveyor belt fabrication services as well as complementary accessories.

As a conveyor belt products distributor, ERIKS is committed to providing all of your conveyor belt products requirements.

ERIKS stocks a variety of aboveground and underground heavyweight conveyor belt products including grade I, grade II and economical compounds consisting of but not limited to:

  • Abrasion Resistance: We offer a variety of compounds that will perform in abrasive applications such as crushed stone, trap rock, ore, taconite and other abrasive applications.
  • Cut and Gouge Resistance: We furnish conveyor belts designed to deliver longer life in high abuse applications such as primary and secondary crushers.
  • Heat Resistance: This product offering consists of compounds capable of withstanding hot material with temperatures ranging from 160ËšF to1,000ËšF.
  • Oil Resistance: We supply conveyor belt for the pulp and paper/wood industry as well as the grain industry.
  • Flame Resistance: These compounds consist of MSHA approved belts for aboveground prep plant and power plant applications, aboveground mining and underground mining.
  • Steel cord and premier fabric combinations to handle impact, high tension, agricultural belt fabrication and everyday needs.

ERIKS represents lightweight conveyor belts to service the agriculture market as well as package/handling, wood products, recycling, food processing, power and tobacco. To better service these industries, we stock a range of lightweight belt consisting of, but not limited to:

  • PVC
  • Roughtop
  • Urethane
  • Cotton
  • Monofilaments
  • Thermoplastics

Our commitment to investment in modern equipment and associate training enables us to further enhance this product line by offering services such as installing mechanical fasteners, preparing belts for a field vulcanized splice in addition to attaching hot and cold vulcanized v-guides, cleats and flanges.

ERIKS furnishes customers with an extensive variety of specialty belting products that accommodates many industry specific requirements. The product category consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Phantom Cleat
  • Corrugated Sidewall
  • Magnetic Separator Belts
  • Elevator Belting
  • Air Slide
  • Chain Belt
  • Power Turn Belts
  • Wire Mesh Belting
  • Modular Plastic Belt
  • Radius Belting
  • Fiberglass Kevlar Belt
  • Extruded Urethane Belting
  • Power Turn Belts
  • Plastic Modular Belting
  • Wire Mesh Belting

ERIKS represents a full line of idlers and belt cleaners. Additionally, we are able to perform the installation of your idlers for all of your conveyor systems. A sampling of our Idler style offering consists of:

  • Troughing Idlers
  • Return Belt Idlers
  • Impact Idlers
  • Regreaseable Idlers
  • Self-Aligning Idlers

To ensure that our customers receive the optimal life from their conveyor belts, we also offer an extensive line of conveyor belt cleaners. In addition to being an essential factor regarding the operating efficiency of any conveying system, the use of belt cleaners plays an important role in creating a safe work environment.

We provide idlers and belt cleaners, pulleys and lagging, mechanical fasteners, skirtboard, chute liners, safety cages and doors, elevator buckets & fasteners, cold bond cements and repair kits.
ERIKS offers an extensive line of pulleys and lagging to meet your specific conveyor system design requirements. We can furnish head, tail, take-up, snub and bend pulleys in a variety of styles, sizes and lagging types to handle the specific duty of your particular conveyor system.

A sampling of the pulley lagging offered is vulcanized rubber lagging, strip lagging and ceramic lagging. As a service to our customers, we offer in-house cold-bonding rubber lagging to our customer’s pulleys.

ERIKS is able to handle your mechanical fastener requirements by offering the following types of fasteners:

Rivet Fasteners: These are available in rivet hinged and rivet solid plate. Their function is to handle demanding heavyweight belt applications.
Bolt Fasteners: These are also available in hinged and bolt solid plate. They are designed to be used with heavyweight conveyor and elevator belts.
Staple Fasteners: This product offers an economical solution for light to medium weight belts.
Plastic Fasteners: Plastic is utilized in lightweight applications where metal cannot be used.
Lacing: This type of fastener is used on many lightweight applications where vulcanized splices are neither practical nor required.
Insta-Splice: This is specifically used to join the ends of elevator belting.
In addition to the ability to supply the fasteners, we also have skilled technicians that are able to perform the service of attaching the fasteners, thus offering a finished product to our customers. Likewise, we also supply the mechanical fastener equipment necessary for those customers who prefer to perform the installation in the field.

As a full service distributor, we offer many in house conveyor belt fabrication services such as:

  • Belt installation
  • Steel cable and fabric belt vulcanization
  • Installation and maintenance of scrapers, chute lining, crusher and mill maintenance
  • Installation of mechanical fasteners, pulleys, idlers and ceramic and rubber pulley lagging
  • Complete downtime support
  • Structural fabrication and welding
  • Preparing belts for a field vulcanized splice
  • Hot and cold vulcanized v-guides, cleats and flanges
  • Punching of elevator belts
  • Fabrication of elevator and magnetic separator belts
  • Laser alignment of belt structure

Along with our extensive line of belting products ERIKS also provides conveyor system maintenance services to our customers. These include:

  • Conveyor system surveys and recommendations to improve belt life
  • Ultrasonic cover gauge analysis of conveyor belt speeds
  • HP requirements and tons per hour requirements to make belt recommendations
  • And more
  • Plus, we have mobile-maintenance service crew capabilities to provide additional services such as:
    • Installing entire conveyor belt systems
    • Building chutes, handrails, guards
    • Changing out pulleys ERIKS has professional crews that have all of the appropriate training including: MSHA part 46 and 48, OSHA 10 hour construction, OSHA 30 hour construction, CPR, first aid, AED certified, DOT physical, road testing, fork lift and task training. Most important is the factory training in proper spice technique for all of the different constructions of belt.

      Conveyor System Services:

      • New belt installation and old belt disposal
      • Steel cable and fabric belt vulcanization
      • Scraper installation and maintenance
      • Complete downtime support
      • Structural fabrication and welding
      • Pulley and idler installation
      • Crusher and mill maintenance
      • Chute lining installed and maintained
      • Ultrasonic cover gauge measurement
      • Cleats and flanges installed and maintained
      • Fabrication of elevator belts
      • Laser alignment of belt structure

      Conveyor System Consulting Services:

      • Splicing tools and equipment
      • Recommending, designing and building belt winding equipment
      • Fabricating belt stands to keep conveyor belt inventory in good condition
      • Evaluating conveyor system problem conditions and recommend appropriate solutions
      • Ultrasonic cover gauge analysis to identify belt cover wear patterns and loading condition problems
      • Analysis of conveyor belt speed, HP requirements and tons per hour requirement to make belt recommendations

      As a full service distributor, many ERIKS divisions are equipped to mobilize qualified splice crews. These crews are also capable of installing and vulcanizing your new belt, performing belt repairs, and performing on-site pulley lagging and chute lining.

      They are also skilled in the installation of belt scrapers, troubleshooting, and assisting you with a preventive maintenance program for all of your conveyor systems.

To complement our conveyor belt products, we supply accessories consisting of but not limited to:

  • Elevator buckets
  • Vulcanized splice kits
  • Cold bond cements and repair kits
  • Skirtboard
  • Belt wiper
  • Portable conveyors