Hose Know-How

Our history dates back over 100 years to when we manufactured our first industrial hose.

Today, ERIKS uses that cumulative experience to set ourselves apart with the finest, most comprehensive selection of hose solutions available, fabricated to NAHAD, RMA, UL and CGA standards.



From fittings and couplings to custom-cut and assembled hoses for every use, we’ve got what you want, where you want it…at nearly 100 locations across North America.

ERIKS has set itself apart by developing core strengths and internal capabilities. Our hose assembly capacity, quality, consistency and depth of product lines are second to none.
All of our hose products are backed by our commitment to quality, service and true dedication to offer complete hose management solutions. Our hose management programs include testing, tagging, tracking, training, special packaging and fast delivery services. We have made significant investments in a a variety of of hose fabrication equipment that allows us to weld, crimp, and couple all styles and sizes of hose assemblies.

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ERIKS knows the importance of selecting the right hose for the right application. We stock, fabricate and manufacture a wide array of industrial hoses that are specifically designed for each application.

We carry many industrial hose products including, water, air, steam, material handling, petroleum, chemical, oxygen service, composite, and hot water wash-down hose. We also carry light-weight flexible duct in a variety of high temperature and chemical resistant materials.

All of our hose assemblies are manufactured in accordance with by our internal quality system and carry the necessary approvals such as MSHA and other certifications.

We carry all variations of PTFE hose and metal hose for every application including those requiring special alloys, high temperatures and extreme pressures. Our custom weld capabilities assure quick and complete satisfaction.
Strip wound interlocked metal hose, although not gas tight, is rugged, making it excellent for use as a guard, an open-ended exhaust hose, and for the transfer of dry bulk materials.

  • General-purpose, roughbore interlocked metal hose is formed from a single metal strip using an interlocking process
  • Packed assemblies feature a variety of packing materials designed for leak resistance and smooth product flow. The fittings can be internally expanded to provide an extremely smooth transition from the hose to the fitting, and use internal options sealing for leak free positive pressure or vacuum service.
  • Tar and asphalt is constructed from a single strip of galvanized steel with hose packing, this hose is used for transferring high-temperature, viscous fluids. Tar & Asphalt hose is leak-resistant and handles maximum suction.
  • Bulk conveying smoothbore metal hose is ideally suited for dry bulk pneumatic conveyance. This hose is produced with a durable armor and a highly abrasion-resistant liner.
Strip Wound Interlocked Metal HoseStrip Wound Interlocked Metal Hose
Quality hydraulic hoses are a critical link in ensuring that your equipment and operations are running safely at their peak performance.

ERIKS stocks a full-line of hydraulic hose, couplings, and accessories for a wide array of temperatures, pressure, and applications. From numerous metric style connections and proprietary fittings such as our own HIDE-A-LINK coupled with all types of hydraulic hose including large diameter high pressure and high temperature specifications. ERIKS is ready to meet your needs.

In addition to our large inventory, we have heavily invested in high-production assembly equipment. This equipment which affords us the ability to produce thousands of assemblies per day and clean them to your specifications.

We stock and fabricate a complete line of mining, agricultural, oilfield service, petrochemical service, food service, and other industry-specific products.
All of our locations stock the right adapters, quick couplings and many other fittings to help you make safe, secure connections. In addition, we can provide custom loaded hose reels, nozzles, swivel joints and loading arms providing you with a complete custom designed product transfer system.
Fittings and Accessories Fittings and Accessories Fittings and Accessories Fittings and Accessories
Our technicians are trained in state-of-the-art assembly processes using the latest manufacturer and industry best practices.
ERIKS is committed to being the best partner in your safe, all-encompassing hose management program.

Our in-house and on-site hose inspection programs include tracking, tagging, testing, recoupling, hose assembly re-certification and training, all customized to meet your goals.

In addition, we can provide special packaging requirements to ease and expedite hose handling. Our OEM programs can include JIT, customized kitting, KANBAN style programs, and hose design assistance.

Our liquid piping transfer systems use loading / unloading arms and related access equipment like gangways and rack systems. We offer a complete loading arm repair facility in Houston, Texas where we provide the following either in-house or at the client’s site:

  • Swivel joint repair
  • Tank truck loading arm refurbishment
  • Rail car loading arm restoration

We offer a comprehensive preventative maintenance program that includes:

  • Overhaul of truck and rail car loading arms in-house or on-site
    • Complete survey that includes an inspection and condition report
    • Necessary refurbishment and replacement of swivels
    • Balancing assembly repairs
    • And hydrostatic testing
  • Repair of FMC marine loading arms

Our Houston based team’s customized preventative maintenance program is designed to minimize downtime and extends equipment life. The programs goal is to ensure safe and optimal operation of swivel joints, loading and unloading arms to help the customer be proactive towards maintenance instead of reactive to emergencies.

Following an initial equipment inspection, an assessment and condition report is issued that details the equipment’s condition and makes improvement recommendations. Once the scope of work is agreed upon, Houston’s team of experienced technicians replaces and/or refurbishes all equipment either at our division or at the customer’s site.

We offer the following loading arm products:

  • Loading Arms: OPW, Emco Wheaton, FMC, Oilco
    • SBLA or TBLA Counterweight Balance
    • High Capacity Hose Handlers
    • Open System /Closed Loop System
    • Jacketed/Heated
    • Vapor Recovery
    • Pneumatically Actuated
Swivel Joint
  • Swivel Joints: OPW, Emco Wheaton, FMC, Oilco
    • Low Pressure Series
    • Split Flange
    • OEM Swivels
    • Light Weight Series
    • Heavy Duty Series
Loading Racks
  • Loading Racks: Safe Harbor & Goldline Intl’
    • Gangways
    • Safe-Walk Bridges
    • Safe-Walk Ramps
    • Self-Leveling Stairs
    • Hydraulic Powered
    • Pneumatic Powered
  • Accessories: OPW, Emco Wheaton, FMC, Oilco
    • Dry Break Couplings
    • API Couplers
    • Vapor Recover Plate
    • Vapor Recovery Cone
    • Repair Kits (Swivel Joints & All Couplers)
    • Break-a-ways
The manufacturers listed above represent a mere sampling of our extensive vendor network. We have relationships with many manufacturers. For more information on loading arms please contact our Houston division in Pasadena, TX at 713-844-9700.

Rubber Spool Type Expansion Joints

ERIKS supplies a full range of rubber spool type expansion joints in standard and non-standard configurations up to 144 inches in diameter.

Rubber spool type expansion joints are used to accomodate for expansion, contraction, vibration and lateral movement in piping systems sustaining temperatures up to 400°F and come in a variety of rubber compounds meeting tube and meet criteria for most applications.

Rubber expansion joints are also made with fluoropolymer lining for harsher chemical environments. They can also be made with homogenous fluoropolymer (no rubber) to withstand temperatures up to 500°F and severe chemical applications. These types of joints are found in all industries including power, steel, chemical, pulp and paper and waste/water.

Flue Duct Expansion Joints

ERIKS supplies a full range of flue duct expansion joint products for even the most demanding industry applications. Flue duct expansion joints are used in ducting systems usually containing low pressures and gaseous type media. They come in homogenous rubber, fabric, rubber and composite types (woven fiber glass, non-woven fiberglass/ceramic fiber and fluoropolymer) that can withstand temperatures over 1,000°F.

ERIKS also provides expansion joint hardware including metal liners for abrasion resistance in harsh abrasive environments. Flue duct expansion joints are typically found in the pulp and paper, power, chemical and petrochemical industries and can be used in a variety of applications.

Joint composition includes fabric, molded rubber, metal, belt type and vulcanized rubber. These joints can also be repaired in some situations. ERIKS is able to install and repair these joints for the customer.

Our service crew capabilities include:

  • Flue duct expansion joint design and fabrication
  • Metal expansion joint design and fabrication
  • Field installation and repair
  • Design engineering and consulting
  • Site supervision
  • Turn-key installation
  • In-plant surveys
  • Technical support

Metal Expansion Joints

ERIKS is a full line metal expansion joint supplier both in spool type and flue duct designs. Metal expansion joints are used in chemical and high heat applications, come in a full range of sizes using various metal constructions, a variety of designs and in both spool and rectangular shapes.

Metal expansion joints are typically found in the pulp and paper, power, chemical and petrochemical industry and can be used in a variety of applications.