ERIKS provides a complete line of safety solutions to protect the employees and interests of the customers we serve.

This commitment to safety is enhanced by the many manufacturers of equipment and supplies that are represented by ERIKS.

Product selection is vast and includes (but is not limited to) hardhats, bump caps and face shields that protect against impact, dust and splash; ear plugs and muffs that reduce the effects of noise; and safety eyewear that offers style and utility while protecting from dust, impact and UV. Plus safety clothing, respiratory protection and the latest in fall protection harnesses.
Personal eye-wash systems and gravity-fed eye-wash units as well as plumbed eye and eye/face wash systems; first aid kits and supplies for standard and custom requirements; equipment and supplies to facilitate rescue operations, such as hardware, ropes, stretchers, litters and so much more.
We have highly visible, effective signs, tags, banners and personal high-visibility clothing that inform of hazardous conditions and promotes safety. Plus lighting, fire extinguishers, cones, delineators and so much more.
We offer the highest quality locks and hardware equipment, training aids and cabinetry to support a successful implementation. We supply clothing, head and face protection and insulated tools to support an electrical program compliant with NFPA 70E.
We provide a complete assortment of sorbents, absorbents, spill kits, cans and cabinets that work to reduce exposure and eliminate hazardous conditions.
We offer complete surveys to assess the condition of workplace equipment: ladders, slings, safety signs and markers, safety harnesses, respirators and monitors.