As steam hose season approaches and you inspect or replace the products that you have in place, your industrial hose supplier should be aware that tube erosion (typically called the popcorning) in steam hose is most pronounced in hoses on the market which have an inner liner of EPDM rubber. Tube erosion will destroy a steam hose and can damage the steam network. It’s also what injures dozens of workers each year when a hose product fails.

Popcorning destroys steam hose from within and the effect occurs when microscopic water particles collect in the wall of a hose.

  1. When new steam enters the hose it heats up those particles, which expand explosively to 1600x their size.
  2. When that happens, popcorn-like blisters explode on the hose’s inner surface. The resulting particles of rubber can contaminate the steam network or the product.
  3. Over time, moisture forces its way out towards the skin of the hose, weakening the steel braiding and making it unsafe for use.

GOODALL® steam hose products use EPDM on the outside for its outstanding ozone, weather and abrasion resistance properties. For the inside, they have developed a proprietary Chlorobutyl compound that is fifteen times less permeable to vapor and other gases than EPDM. The lower the permeability, the longer the hose life, the greater the safety. Building on the superior proprietary compounds, the Inferno ISO 6134-2A steam hose product is braided with zinc-plated wire, which:

  • Increases the corrosion resistance by 3x, verified with aggressive salt spray testing
  • Manages risk with increased product and operator safety
  • Decreases liability

Static electricity is another inherent hazard with steam hose, a hazard too often not considered. The build-up of static charge is influenced by the insulating properties of the transfer media and its flow rate. External factors, such as humidity and temperature, can vary the generation of the static charge, creating an unpredictable amount of static.
To minimize the risk of electrostatic build up, the Inferno ISO 6134-2A steam hose is also engineered with conductive compounds where all rubber components of the hose can dissipate the electrical charges, too often a risk not considered. Designed in accordance with the international ISO standards, the Inferno ISO 6134-2A exceeds the criteria outlined in the standard.

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